MVPro 29 | Reflect | November 2022

By Becky Oliver -

Welcome to the final MVPro Magazine of 2022! We at MVPro Media greatly enjoyed
meeting so many of you at VISION and finding out more about your exciting products.

This edition is full of exclusive post-VISION interviews, along with plenty of
exciting stories from the machine vision and image processing industries.

It seems apt to name this issue ‘Reflect’, as we look back at VISION through an
extensive range of interviews with some of our clients. Representatives from more
than a dozen companies provide a rundown of their company and its products and
reflect on their own personal experiences from VISION 2022.

I was also very fortunate to speak with Jacqueline Roth, a highly influential figure
at Messe Stuttgart. Jacqueline is responsible for global communications strategy and
press relations for VISION. She shares her thoughts on this year’s event and looks
ahead to the next VISION show.

Elsewhere, AGILOX expands its portfolio with the new ODM robot. The ODM model adds
an autonomous dolly mover to AGILOX’s range of intelligent transport systems.

The SPI Inspections team utilise thermal cameras from FLIR to catch problems before
they become catastrophes. Products such as FLIR’s Si124 industrial acoustic camera
allow SPI Inspections to anticipate failures and keep the lights on for their

LMI’s Gocator 2170 laser profilers allow JLS Automation to accurately package food
products. Using 3D height information makes food packaging more efficient,
eliminating the problems of trying to identify a package solely on 2D data.
We hear from PEI-Genesis’ Craig Burgess, who explores how fibre cores can be
detrimental to signal transmission, and how to consider this when designing fibre
optic connectors.

We also have a range of industry news stories from the world of machine vision and image processing.

I would like to thank everyone who took part in the exclusive interviews. It was fascinating to hear from you all about your VISION experiences!

If you would also like to partake in similar interviews, or if you have any press
releases you’d like to see published on our website or in our magazines, do not
hesitate to contact me at matt.williams@mvpromedia.com. I look forward to hearing
from you!

We hope you enjoy this edition of MVPro Magazine. We’ll be back with another edition
in 2023!

Matt Williams

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