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Sony to preview new polarised-light module

Sony Europe

Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions division will unveil a new polarised-light module based on its 5 MP GS CMOS device at Vision 2018, Stuttgart.

Sony told MVPro Magazine that the polarised camera will be joined by an embedded vision concept camera and two new, as yet unannounced Sony modules: a 12 MP module based on the Camera Link transmission standard; and a 4K FCB block camera.

Sony is set to announce technical specifications of these two modules in the lead-up to the Vision Show.

Sony’s Arnaud Destruels said: “At the show we’ll be highlighting several strategic additions to our strong and rapidly growing family of advanced GS CMOS machine vision cameras. In recent months, we expanded the line-up significantly, adding advanced pre-processing features and new capabilities such as IEEE1588-master-device functionality. In addition, we’ve added new transmission standards, launching our first USB 3 module.”


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