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Baumer sensors rated IP69K for food and pharma use

Baumer Verisens

The Baumer Verisens vision sensor range now includes models in stainless steel housings which are IP 69K rated, meaning they can be used in food and pharma applications.

This means they can be washed down and whilst they are complex and sophisticated image processing systems, said Baumer, the XF Series are designed to enable simple set-up and intuitive operation, even for the non-expert.

The new XF-105/205 models are based on the  VeriSens XF Series, providing users with up to 19 feature checks. The XF Series, which can also read code and text, incorporate the patented FEX image processor which allows stable image evaluation and, said Baumer, is the first sensor of its type which can be configured via a web interface.

Configuration is possible via the standard VeriSens Application Suite Software, while other models incorporate infrared illumination and integrated daylight filter which supresses daylight impacting on the image evaluation, or flashlight effects caused by integrated illumination.

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