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KAYA Builds Solid Reputation Within Machine Vision Market

Creating unique products is just one way that KAYA Instruments is making its mark on the growing machine vision market

KAYA Instruments is proud of its development work, producing high quality products that have won it a solid reputation amongst its growing client base.

The company, based in Nesher, Israel, is a leading supplier of CoaXPress frame grabbers, high speed cameras and recorders, range extenders and CoaXPress FPGA IP Core.

It was founded in 2008 by Michael Yampolsky (CEO) and Serge Karabchevsky (CTO), industry professionals who were interested in developing and designing new products and solutions for machine vision applications.

Michael said: “We are highly engaged in the market and want to enrich the global market with the latest high-end products through the advancing of the industry. The company’s main focus is developing software and hardware for the machine vision market and will remain the main interest in the future.

“Our highly skilled engineers design and manufacture products with strive for maximum satisfaction of our customers and their needs.

“The technical support team is always dedicated to providing the best and fastest solutions for any technical issues that our customers face, and all that by using the most modern online support desk.”

KAYA is determined to stay one step ahead of the market and is very proud of its numerous innovative products in the market, which are suitable for a large variety of machine vision and broadcasting applications.

“Some of our products are unique and exceptional, for example Komodo family that includes one of a kind industry only CoaXPress 8 channel as well 10GiGE, Camera Link HS and fiber frame grabbers.”

KAYA’s Jetcam series of highspeed cameras, with up to 40Gbps bandwidth, use a proprietary fiber interface and, said the company, are definitely the most advanced cameras with superior feature set at a relatively low-price tag.

Range extenders over fiber, support all existing machine vision standards that are based on the best practices of communication industry and allow customers great performance for minimal commercial value.

Michael again: “Complementary to all our products, KAYA offers FPGA IPs to assist our customers with their own product development. This includes an industry only CoaXPress camera simulator which helps our customers develop their systems. At KAYA we continuously working on new innovative solutions for enriching the industry and our customers.

As for the future, Michael is upbeat: “KAYA grows every year and becomes a leading Machine Vision company with large and high-quality variety of products, especially specialize with high speed cameras and recording systems.

“KAYA is willing to keep this tendency and even overachieve its targets. The numbers of employees are growing every year, by investing in excellent human material KAYA will multiply not just the numbers of its employees but also its turnover. The company’s aim is to invest utmost of its revenue to the R&D activities so that new innovations to be achieved for meeting the versatile demands of machine vision professionals.”

One thing is for sure, the machine vision industry is going to be hearing a lot more about KAYA Instruments.

For more details contact:
Michael Yampolsky
KAYA Instruments
Tel: +972-544463300





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