VISION Stuttgart: An Interview With Edmund Optics

MVPro Media's Publishing Director, Alex Sullivan, steps onto Edmund Optics's booth at VISION Messe Stuttgart for a catch-up with Boris Lange about debut products, awards and what it means to be back at VISION. Watch the video or read the full interview below. 

By team@nivo.co.uk -

[Alex] I’m delighted to be joined today at the VISION show at the Edmund Optics booth here with Dr Lange. Dr Lange, do you want to introduce yourself, tell us who you are and what you do at Edmund’s?

[Boris] Absolutely, great to have you here. Great to be here at VISION. Yes, as I said, Boris Lange is my name, Edmund Optics. I’m responsible for Edmund’s imaging business over here in Europe.

[Alex] Fantastic. Excellent. And what are you exhibiting here at the VISION show?

[Boris] We have lots of great products. Obviously, it’s been three years since the last VISION, so we have a lot to show. Right here in front of us, we have our newest lens series for 1.1-inch sensors based on Optitude’s liquid lens, which allows quick autofocus, right? So changing working distances in a very quick, very reliable, very reproducible way.

[Alex] What are the key applications for this? Who should be using this?

[Boris] Liquid lens technology, in general, is really, really popular in the logistics space, right? So if you imagine this conveyor belt with all the packages coming through at different heights, you’ve got to read the barcodes and you’ve got to have a way to really address the working distance of your system quickly and reliably. And this is what liquid lenses do, so that’s the prime application of liquid lenses.

[Alex] Tell me, what other products are Edmund Optics demonstrating at the VISION show this week?

[Boris] We have our – I’m not sure if I can already say this but – our Inspect Award-winning series over there for the CW series. They’re IPX nine rated and they are waterproof, so that’s very exciting. We have a very nice demo over there.

The other thing that I’m personally excited about is our athermal lenses. You can use them between minus and plus 50 degrees and they don’t shift focus at all. So this is a very impressive piece of design and optical masterpiece. We’re very proud of that and we’re launching this for the first time today. That’s really the world premiere and we’re very happy to have that here.

[Alex] And what’s the response been like to the launch from visitors?

[Boris] Oh, you know, this is only four hours since the show began but people really like it. It’s impressive to see them and it’s not like we sold all of them already!

[Alex] Just in terms of the wider show, how important is it for Edmund Optics to be back at the VISION show and at tradeshows again?

[Boris] I personally think it’s great. I think it’s really great. We were looking forward to this, so I’m happy that it was not cancelled. I’m very thankful that it happened. It’s great to be in touch with the people again. Again, we’re only four hours into the show, but it has been busier than I expected so I’m positively surprised. I didn’t expect a lot of folks to show up here but they’re here. It’s great. It’s great they’re here and even the exhibitors, seeing all of these guys in person again, just the community within each other. Great stuff. I’m already very, very happy that we’re all here.

[Alex] That’s really good. You mentioned the liquid lens technology, the award-winning technology and also the new product launch but for those of our readers who aren’t able to attend the show, where can they find more information?

[Boris] It’s all online. You know, we’re Edmund’s! We have our website, we have our webinars, we have our white papers, you can call us, you can chat with us, you can email us. It’s all on the website, reach out through whatever channel you prefer. Edmund’s is always online.

[Alex] Fantastic. Boris, it was lovely to talk to you.

[Boris] Same to you!

You can find more information about Edmund Optics on its website.

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