VISION 2022 Presents Guided Tours

By Matt Williams -

Ahead of VISION 2022, registration for guided tours has started, with machine vision as a key technology for three client industries.

The 30th edition of VISION will be held at the Stuttgart trade fairgrounds from 4 to 6 October 2022. This year, VISION will present the new Guided Tours in cooperation with machine vision expert Dr.-Ing. Ronald Müller.

At the start of the fair, visitors can attend the “Guided Tour Food & Beverages”. On the following day, the “Guided Tour Medical & Pharma” will focus on applications from the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Finally, the “Guided Tour Intra-Logistics” will focus on machine vision for the logistics sector.

“Machine vision is the key technology for more flexibility, quality and safety,” said Dr.-Ing. Ronald Müller, CEO of Vision Markets GmbH and Board Member of the EMVA. “As a guide, I would like to highlight the new possibilities that recent innovations in machine vision have already made possible and how end users and mechanical engineers can benefit from them.”

Next to a crash course on the subject of machine vision, selected exhibitors at VISION will present the latest market and technology trends for their respective industries. Following a joint lunch, participants will have the opportunity to continue their visit to VISION on their own.

“By offering the Guides Tours, we intend to provide added value as part of VISION,” said Florian Niethammer, Head of Trade Fairs & Events at Messe Stuttgart. “We would like to invite the participants to an exclusive day and provide them with suitable machine vision solutions for their respective industries.”

Find out more about VISION’s guided tours.

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