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FRAMOS and FoodPhone

FoodPhone and FRAMOS: The Food Fighters

FoodPhone™ takes advanced vision technology to turn mobile phones into precise food and nutrition analysis devices using AI, 3D and Hyperspectral approaches. FRAMOS reveal how they took the calorie counting application to a new level.  Over 200 million people ...

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    Ingesting sensor data from a customer’s industrial equipment (e.g. pressure, flow rate, RPMs, temperature, and power), Amazon Lookout trains a machine learning model to accurately

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    Lanner Electronics, a global leader in SDN/NFV network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms, announces that its hyper-converged infrastructure appliance, the FX-3420, and Edge AI

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    Ericsson Open Lab is co-located with the company’s Cloud RAN expertise at Ericsson’s R&D site in Ottawa but is accessible virtually to customers globally. The

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