SmartRay Previews VISION 2022 Products

By Matt Williams -

SmartRay is planning to launch an innovative, high-resolution and high-speed sensor at VISION 2022. Live demonstrations and a technical team will be available during the trade show to discuss automated inspection challenges.

SmartRay GmbH, a manufacturer of cutting-edge 3D sensors for demanding, high-precision automated inspection, will demonstrate the latest product in 3D laser triangulation at VISION, the world’s leading fair for machine vision in Germany next month.

SmartRay’s team will show how to tackle complex automated inspection procedures in applications as diverse as ball grid arrays from the electronics manufacturing and medical devices with transparent surfaces, at the Stuttgart show, at Hall 10, booth C57 from October 4 – 6, 2022.


Launch of Innovative 3D Sensor Fulfilling Highest Technical Demands

In addition to demonstrating the existing sensing technology, SmartRay will launch its exciting new high-resolution 3D sensor that offers a revolution in resolution, speed, and flexibility. Optimized for use in optical inspection in electronics manufacturing and many other similar applications. The official launch of the ECCO X takes place at 11:00 am CET on October 4. Vision attendees are cordially invited to join the team and stay for a post-launch event.


Meet the Experts in 3D Sensor

SmartRay’s team of technical experts will also be on hand on October 5 – 6 to guide visitors around the following live demonstrations:

  • Introducing the newest member of the ECCO family launched at Vision, inspecting different types of BGAs
  • Shadow-free scanning with the ECCO 95.040+ Dual-Head combines two cameras to inspect the electronic connectors used in a wide range of industries.
  • ECCO 95.025G inspecting a microfluidic chip as used in the medical industry. Specifically designed to scan flat transparent surfaces, it is even possible to inspect the inner channels within the glass.

“We will be more than happy to discuss general challenges around high-precision automated inspection, the role of 3D laser-triangulation sensors, and how the ECCO family of sensors are integrated into machine vision systems,” said François Bangerter, Executive Sales Manager for ECCO sensors at SmartRay. “We look forward to meeting you there.”

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