Prophesee & Macnica to Market Event-Based Vision Technology

Macnica ATD Europe and Prophesee have signed agreement to market Prophesee's event-based sensor platform throughout Europe.

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Macnica ATD Europe and Prophesee SA have announced an agreement that will see Macnica serve as an authorized distribution partner for Prophesee’s Metavision® event-based sensor platform throughout Europe.

Prophesee’s patented Event-Based Vision sensor technology and intelligence software enables machine system developers to reduce energy consumption and computational power requirements whilst using AI-based processing based on the human retina.

“We are thrilled to start a partnership with this highly innovative company that has many synergies with our business ecosystem and customer base, including collaboration with our long-term partner Sony. Prophesee’s ground-breaking event-based technology offers valuable benefits to machine vision system developers with the capability to reduce power consumption and processing requirements while improving overall performance.

“The solution has been production-proven and the Prophesee Metavision platform is now conquering significant industry applications. Macnica ATD Europe is happy to pave that way for event-based vision in the industry”, said Antoine Hide, General Director of Macnica ATD Europe.

The Metavision platform is built on Prophesee’s Event-Based Vision, which uses neuromorphic sensing and computing techniques to mimic the human eye and brain. With each pixel activating itself if it senses a change in the scene, Prophesee’s proprietary Event-Based approach allows for reductions of power, latency and data processing requirements imposed by traditional vision systems.

Macnica & Prophesee
Luca Verre, co-founder and CEO of Prophesee. Image: Prophesee.

The Metavision sensor and accompanying Metavision Intelligence software suite can be used by system developers to create new industrial uses, including accelerating quality assessment on production lines; positioning, sensing and movement guidance for robots to enable better human collaboration; and equipment monitoring for predictive maintenance and reduced machine downtime.

“Macnica ATD Europe is the right partner to further accelerate the commercialization of our Event-Based Metavision sensor platform in the machine vision world. By leveraging their relationships, Macnica provides in-depth knowledge of customer needs and can offer the most suitable and advanced technology.

“Through this partnership, we can address a wide range of industries and use cases to improve performance in application fields such as high-speed counting, vibration monitoring, spatter monitoring, calibration, and machine learning”, said Luca Verre, co-founder and CEO of Prophesee.

You can find more information about Macnica ATD Europe and Prophesee on their respective websites.

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