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MVTec at automatica


MVTec Software will use the forthcoming automatic 2018 trade show to focus on the latest versions of MVTec HALCON and MERLIC; highlight deep-learning on embedded platforms; and, provide live demonstrations of automation scenarios.

The leading provider of standard machine vision software plans to show how machine vision can be used to optimize processes in automation and robotics. This is done with a focus on the latest versions of the software products HALCON and MERLIC. What’s more, live demonstrations enable visitors to experience the use of modern machine vision technologies in automation scenarios up close. Also, there is a chance to gain insight into new machine vision functionalities in the areas of parallelization and matching.

HALCON 18.05: Deep learning on embedded boards

At the MVTec booth, experts will demonstrate the use of complex deep learning algorithms on embedded platforms. Using the JetsonTX2 embedded board from NVIDIA, they show how deep learning can be used to classify a wide range of objects, such as pills or fruit, quickly and precisely. Character and number combinations are also reliably recognized in OCR applications.

The live demo shows that embedded hardware is also suitable for sophisticated machine vision tasks. Another demo visualizes an application scenario in the area of robotics. A robot arm reaches into a collection of objects and reliably locates the position of the relevant object thanks to the modern matching technologies of MVTec HALCON. The arm precisely removes this object from the crate, recognizes it with a 2D camera and innovative deep learning technology, and sets it aside.

MERLIC 4 preview: Parallelization and use of Hilscher cards

Another demonstration illustrates functions of the latest preview version of MERLIC 4. Various inspection tasks are performed with the aid of two cameras, demonstrating the new parallelization capabilities, i.e. the parallel execution of independent tools.

This demo also shows how MERLIC uses deep-learning-based OCR technologies to precisely recognize different fonts on packaging, such as expiry dates or batch numbers, in fractions of a second. MVTec also illustrates the seamless integration of a programmable logic controller (PLC) into vision systems using MERLIC. In the future, MERLIC will be even better integrated into automation solutions via Hilscher cards, for example with the aid of Profibus. The first successful tests have already been carried out for this trend-setting development.

Professor Carsten Steger, Director of Research at MVTec, will take part in the automatica Forum with a presentation about “Usage scenarios for machine learning in industrial imaging – examples of current projects in the food and pharmaceutical industries”.

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