New Telecentric Measurement System Delivers “Breakthrough” Accuracy

A new range of systems has been unveiled by Keyence, with the company boasting the products can deliver 40 times faster exposure time and 100 times greater telecentricity.

By Joel Davies -

Keyence has introduced the TM-X5006, TM-X5040 and the TM-X5065, a new range of inline telecentric measurement systems which employ highly advanced silhouette-based analysis for what it calls “breakthrough” and “guaranteed” accuracy.

Keyence, which serves over 300,000 customers in 110 countries, is a supplier of sensors, safety equipment, measurement systems, laser markers, microscopes, and machine vision systems worldwide, primarily for factory automation. The company was featured as one of “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” in a list from Forbes and are among the top 5 companies in Japan based on market capitalisation as of March 2020.

Designed specifically to measure parts rapidly and consistently as they pass through the system, the TM-X5000 line-up boasts an exposure time of 25 μs, which is 40 times faster than conventional models, allowing the accurate measurement of high-speed targets by eliminating blur from the image.

Keyence claims it provides a “versatile solution” for a broad spectrum of industrial measurement applications offering geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T); outer diameter and profile measurement; abnormality detection and runout and positioning. The specially designed telecentric optics can improve measurement repeatability by increasing uniformity throughout the field of view.

Richard De Courcy, Product Specialist, Keyence UK Vision and Measurement, explained: “Accurate measurement of parts is vital to guaranteeing quality and consistency, and for identifying any possible production issues at the earliest possible opportunity.

“Our new portfolio harnesses the power of state-of-the-art silhouette-based technology to deliver exceptional accuracy alongside ease of set-up and use, ensuring consistent, reliable measurement of a wide range of parts. This will bring peace of mind to manufacturers seeking to reassure their customer of the quality and consistency of their offering”.

Keyence telecentric measurement systems
The TM-X5000 Series, accompanied by the measurements it’s taken of the object. Image: Keyence.

Compared with conventional telecentric optical systems, the TM-X5000 Series also offers around 100 times greater telecentricity – just 0.0001°, ensuring confidence in results even for misaligned targets. The dual telecentric silhouette-based system provides stability whilst the large ±15 mm depth of field, based on telecentric lenses in both the transmitter and receiver, provides clear, sharp edges and stable measurement results, even where the target position may vary.

Users can select from two installation methods – with or without the included base. An optical alignment function enables rapid, simple installation, whilst the user interface features a wide variety of measurement tools, enabling intuitive configuration of settings.

The range consists of three models to cater for a variety of requirements: the compact, ultra-high accuracy TM-X5006; the standard TM-X5040 model; and the TM-X5065 fore wide field applications.

You can find more information about Keyence and its new range of inline telecentric measurement systems on its website.

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