Measurement and inspection of bottles and preforms

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In the beverage industry, two main contrasting goals must be achieved: cost reduction and strict quality controls that must guarantee consistent and contamination-free products. Machine vision is the key technology to achieve such goals. Typical controls required by the bottling industry include determining the correct label position, inspecting the bottle seal finish, verifying that caps are securely tightened, reading QR codes, checking fill-levels and measuring bottles and PET preforms of various dimensions.


Customer profile

Torus Technology Group is an international company based in Telford (UK) specialized in advanced measurement systems. With more than 25 years of metrology expertise & experience, the company offers a complete service, delivering measurement systems to leading industries around the world.


The challenge

In 2016 Torus decided to design a new measurement machine for plastic bottles and preforms up to 200 mm in diameters. At that time there wasn’t any machine on the market capable to perform a full measurement and quality control on such types of samples, together with integrated thickness measurement capabilities.

In order to comply with the industry standards, Torus needed an advanced imaging solution, including high accuracy, high speed, high flexibility, a compact design and «user-friendly» software.


The solution

A telecentric lens is the best solution to achieve high measurement accuracy and it is even more effective when matched with a telecentric light. Collimated illumination offers many advantages, including a very high contrast image, and it is much more accurate than a standard backlight, because it drastically reduces the issues caused by «border effects».


Why Opto Engineering

Developing new machines means carefully choosing the correct components. It is always important to try them offline before building a system, allowing enough development time (including a contingency) to complete the project by the deadline. Opto Engineering® was able to guide the customer in choosing vision components suited to meet the strict application requirements. The most appreciated feature of the Torus machines is the use of the latest technology that gives them a competitive advantage on the market.

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