LMI technologies: powerful 4k+ laser profiling for High-Resolution Inspection Across Wide Fields of View

By Annie Gomes -

The industry leading Gocator® 3D smart sensor family introduces 4K+ resolution laser profiling to measure microscopic features or larger objects. Custom optics and a powerful 9-megapixel imager deliver 4200 data points per profile for high-resolution 3D scanning and inspection across wide fields of view––in applications such as EV battery inspection, food processing (baked goods production), building materials (furniture, doors/ windows, planks, sheet metal), automotive (air spring and wheel inspection), rubber and tire production, and general factory automation.

Why is 4K resolution significant? Simply stated, more data points mean more information for precision measurement and inspection.

Here is a quick look at the Gocator 2600 features and capabilities:

  • 9-megapixel imager
  • 4200 data points per profile for high-resolution measurement
  • X resolutions up to 0.018 mm (at 71 mm) FOV)
  • Fields of view up to 2 m (at 0.55 mm X-resolution)
  • On-sensor measurement tools and I/O connectivity
  • Native multi-sensor alignment and networking support
Scan of automotive gear at 4200 data points per profile.

Measure smaller features with 4k+ resolution

The Gocator® 2600 Series laser profilers use a 4K+ imager to generate high-resolution profile and surface data for measurement of microscopic features such as defect detection (e.g. dents, scratches) on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).



Scan of PCB at 4200 data points per profile

Wider scan coverage. greater versatility

The Gocator® 2600 Series models offer fields of view up to 2 m to address a broad range of scanning applications. Increased field of view is beneficial when you need to scan larger objects, or many objects positioned across a larger area (e.g. rows of baked goods traveling on a wide conveyor).’


Onboard multi-sensor alignment and networking

Gocator® offers native support for multi-sensor networks from 2 sensors up to 24, with on-sensor pairing, point-and-click alignment, and automatic image stitching. After scanning, Gocator® outputs a single, high-density 3D point cloud ready for measurement.

Users can even capture 360º of a scan target, or multiple views, by mixing different 2600 sensor models that optimize for field of view and resolution.

Smart design for maximum cost-efficiency

Gocator® 2600 series sensors are built on LMI’s leading smart sensor design architecture, which includes an easy-to-use web-based interface, on[1]sensor measurement tools, data processing, I/O connectivity, native multi-sensor networking, and more. The result is the most cost-efficient 3D sensor solution on the market.

Gocator 2600 target Inspection Applications:

  • EV Battery
  • Automotive Rotor
  • Sheet Metal
  • Food Processing

Courtesy of LMI Technologies

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