JAI Adds New Rolling Shutter Cameras to Portfolio

Available in colour and monochrome versions, the three new models are built around Sony´s STARVIS sensor platform.

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JAI is expanding its Go-X Series of small industrial cameras with three additional models built around Sony’s STARVIS sensor platform featuring CMOS rolling shutter technology.

These new models are available in colour and monochrome versions and include the 6.3-megapixel GOX-6409 PGE model with 18 frames/s in full resolution (IMX178). There’s also the 12.2-megapixel GOX-12409-PGE model with 9 frames/s in full resolution (IMX226). Finally, there’s the 20-megapixel GOX-20409-PGE model with 5 frames/s in full resolution (IMX183).

The sensor design uses back-side illumination technology featuring what JAI calls a “simpler and more compact pixel architecture leading to excellent light sensitivity and high quantum efficiency”. The new cameras include a global reset function that lets users combine the advantages of global and rolling shutter in applications where flash illumination can be used.

With small industrial cameras being used more and more in vision systems monitoring critical factory manufacturing, warehousing and robotics operations, the cameras in the Go-X Series feature high shock and vibration ratings of 80G and 10G, respectively. They’re also designed to optimally dissipate heat to avoid breakdowns in typical industrial environments and under non-stop operating conditions. The cameras are backed by a full 6-year warranty.

JAI rolling shutter cameras
JAI’s three new Go-X Series cameras. Image: JAI.

In addition to providing high manufacturing quality, the new cameras – in line with other Go-X Series models – are designed to provide higher image quality, thanks to a dust prevention and screening process. The special dust prevention measures include cleanroom assembly, internal seals around the sensor compartment, and a screening process to ensure every camera shipped delivers the best possible image quality via a clean, dust-free optical path.

The new rolling shutter models share many of the same features as the rest of the Go-X Series cameras including, standard C-mount, region-of-interest (ROI), blemish compensation and shading correction – plus, an automatic level control function (ALC) that lets users define the interactions between auto-gain and auto-shutter operation to minimize noise and optimize apertures in dynamic lighting conditions. Power can be provided over the GigE Vision interface or via a separate 6-pin I/O connector.

Weighing 65 grams and with 29 mm x 29 mm x 51.5 mm dimensions, the new cameras are intended for a range of applications in factory manufacturing lines with tight spaces or in applications involving robotic arms, drones, or other scenarios where portability is a key requirement.

You can find more information JAI and its new rolling shutter cameras on its website.

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