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VISION 2018 Preview | Destination Stuttgart | November Issue

  • By Team


The start of VISION 2018 marks the second birthday of MVPro Magazine.

It was two years ago on the floor of Europe’s biggest machine vision exhibition that we launched our first technical magazine (we have since launched RoboPro Magazine) and became involved in what is one of the most exciting industries out there.

Of course, the idea for a machine vision magazine that tried to have a different take on the sector was conceived well before the show, but it does feel like every November we can celebrate our beginnings.

It’s been quite a ride and we still feel we are at the start of an incredible journey. We’ve met and worked with some great people, and the whole team looks forward to another great two years. Alex Sullivan our publisher and Cally Bennett our main business development executive have now been joined by Jacques Bonfrer and Sean Welch, both focussed on business development.

Cally is still on maternity leave and is looking forward to coming back to the office at the end of the year. Alex, Jacques, Sean and myself will all be there at VISION, so make sure to say hello.

Given that VISION is just around the corner, this magazine devotes a lot of pages to looking ahead to the event, after all, it only comes around every two years. We include a guide to the companies who’ll be there and a preview of some of the products that will be on show.

And the following issue will offer a full review of the show, so don’t forget to read our coverage, it will be a great way to recap.

You’ll also find an article called Ten things you don’t need to know about Stuttgart. If you don’t want to impress your colleagues, or loved ones with the fact that you like to know a bit about where you go on a business trip, then ignore it!

And we’ve got our usual news coverage, plus some business talk and some pieces that will you keep interested.

So there we are then. Here’s to the next two years. See you all at VISION.


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