GOLDBECK SOLAR expands to North America

By Matt Williams -

The GOLDBECK SOLAR Group and the GP JOULE Group have announced that GOLDBECK SOLAR has acquired the North American PV-EPC business unit of GP JOULE.

They are now the sole shareholder of the two North American companies: GP JOULE PV Canada Corp. and GP JOULE PV USA Inc. With this acquisition, GOLDBECK SOLAR is strengthening its position in the Americas, having existing operations in Chile and Mexico.

The purchase includes the acquisition of the entire GP JOULE EPC NA team as well as the use of the local brand for a limited period. “Our new local team and their expertise are the basis for this strategic step. They understand the culture and the market specifics.” said Joachim Goldbeck, CEO of GOLDBECK SOLAR Group. “With our new colleagues, we have a strong foundation to master the opportunities and challenges of the North American market. The cultural fit of the companies was a fundamental criterion, and we are now looking forward to growing the business together in Canada and the USA.”

Increased growth planned in North America

The acquisition is the natural next step in GOLDBECK SOLAR’s growth strategy. After investing in a portfolio of projects in Canada at the beginning of the year, the company demonstrated strong interest in designing and building solar plants in North America, as it has successfully done for over 20 years in Europe, Asia and South America.

“This comes at a perfect time,” stated David Pichard, CEO of GP JOULE EPC NA. “Over the last 10 years, we have grown exponentially a team delivering world class assets in the utility scale market. Becoming part of the GOLDBECK SOLAR family brings immediate synergies in systems and supply chain, expansion in Operations and Maintenance services to continue providing the best value to our clients.”

“We are convinced that we have found the right partner and buyer for our companies in North America in GOLDBECK SOLAR,” added Ove Petersen, co-founder and CEO of GP JOULE. “We are placing our EPC business in Canada and the USA, which has developed excellently in recent years, in good hands and can focus even more strongly on our growth in Germany and Europe.”


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