EPLAN To Host Hybrid Automated Engineering Event

By Matt Williams -

This year, the EF|A – EPLAN Forum for Automated Engineering event will be taking place in a hybrid format. As in previous years, the focus will be on modularisation, standardisation and automation. These topics are of burning importance for both management and users in machine and plant system engineering – after all, modularisation is the key to standardisation and, ultimately, a higher degree of automation.

Attendees, both on-location and online, will receive tips and strategies for taking their personal next step on the path to automated engineering. Whether live in Düsseldorf or online during the livestream around the world, anyone interested can network with other industry experts during the EF|A Forum. EPLAN has created a special space for this because the full potential of automation thrives from practical examples of it, user reports from around the world, and, not least, personal dialogue amongst attendees.

The event will be streamed live – and international attendees can take advantage of the simultaneous translation on offer. The focus: meeting, exchanging ideas and networking.

Presentations, workshops and Hands-on Sessions will provide ideas and incentives for everyone from top-level management to software users – on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Modularisation of machines and products
  • Standardisation in engineering
  • Automatic creation of schematics, control cabinet layouts, bills of materials and additional manufacturing documentation
  • Cabling on a machine’s digital twin
  • Talking shop and networking with other decision-makers


EPLAN’s Director of Go-To-Market Management Harold van Waardenburg says, “If you modularise your machine or plant system from the start of the development process, you’re laying the foundation for standardisation,” explains EPLAN’s Director of Business Development Achim Potthoff adds, “The goal is the highest degree of automation possible, which we are advancing with tools and with methodologies working together

Event attendees will even be able to experience first-hand how this works in practice. “Making the product fit for digitally networked value creation” – the company Achenbach Buschhütten will be presenting on this topic, which they’ve successfully implemented with a modular construction kit. Odego CEO Dr Sandra Szech will be talking about “How to make building block development a success” and sharing her experiences with the methodical development and evaluation of modular systems, amongst other topics. The companies Aartec Engineering B.V. and Sollich KG will also be giving insights into practical applications for people attending both on location and online.

Additional companies, including Grundfos and CadCabel, will also be communicating their practical applications with EF|A attendees. EPLAN experts will be supplementing these examples with methods and strategies for modularisation, standardisation and for automated engineering using the eBuild, EPLAN Cogineer and EEC solutions.


Putting it through its paces: the Hands-on Sessions

One of the highlights for online attendees is the Hands-On Sessions, during which users can try out software from EPLAN for themselves. Generating schematics or testing machine cabling on a 3D model: it can all be tested and tried out live – for quick initial impressions and insights into the software. EPLAN partners including Configit, Encoway and SAE will also be represented with presentations and virtual partner stands, and are available both onsite and online for questions and answers.


Free registration and more information can be found at: https://event.eplan.com/EFIA-2022-EN

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