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  • 3D Vision Solutions Company Hailed as “Top Startup”

    Photoneo is a leading provider of industrial 3D vision, AI-powered automation solutions, and robotic intelligence software. Since its foundation in 2013, the Slovakian startup has

  • Teledyne e2v and Yumain Announce Collaboration on AI-Based Imaging Solutions

    Teledyne e2v and Yumain believe AI has rapidly demonstrated its benefits for the imaging industry, proving more adaptable than traditional rule-based methods which can be

  • Construction Begins on UK’s Multi-Million-Pound National Robotarium

    The National Robotarium will be a world-leading centre of excellence for pioneering research, creating innovative solutions to global challenges using cutting-edge research, product design and

  • Exploratory Group to Look Into Royalty-Free API Standards

    The goal of the Exploratory Group is to probe industry interest in the creation of open, royalty-free API standards for controlling embedded cameras and sensors.

  • Engineering and Manufacturing Industry “Worst Affected” by Skills Shortage

    The report found the engineering and manufacturing industry has been most affected, with 85% of senior managers explaining that their business is struggling. The reality

  • Cognex Release New 3D Vision System

    Using new technology can be an expensive and complicated venture. Even if worthwhile, it is often easier to stay with what you know. 3D vision

  • Herga Technology Unveil New Bluetooth Footswitch Receiver

    The 6311-BLE2 is a Bluetooth secure PAN-enabled receiver that features pushbutton pairing with Herga’s single and multipedal Bluetooth footswitches. For remote operation from footswitch to

  • Basler Announces New Flexible Vision Processing Board

    Their new, in-house developed Processing Kit is intended for Flexible Vision applications in industrial settings, which they believe “rethinks” embedded vision. The development kit has

  • LMI Technologies Acquires AI & IIoT/5G Inspection Company, FringeAI

    Combining their skillset to form a new AI Solutions group under the TKH Group, LMI Technologies and FringeAI believe they can answer some of the

  • Emerson Launches New Solenoid Valve Range

    Emerson’s new valves are intended to support Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs) need to develop more compact machines and equipment without compromising on fluid control performance.

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