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MaxxVision takes on Hikvision sales in German speaking countries


The Stuttgart based distributor of image processing MaxxVision has taken on the sales and marketing role of Hikvision’s machine vision components portfolio in German speaking countries. This includes products:

• USB3 Vision & GigE Vision cameras, VGA up to 29 MP, up to 814 fps;
• Camera Link and 10GigE cameras (coming soon);
• Line scan cameras, 2k and 4k;
• Smart Camera with open platform;
• Entocentric and telecentric lenses;
• Embedded vision boxes.

MaxxVision said that through the cooperation with Hikvision, it is well positioned in a market of industrial image processing, which is currently characterized by upheavals and consolidations.

Sayed Soliman, Managing Director of MaxxVision, said: “In recent years, Hikvision has established itself as one of
the world’s largest CCTV camera manufacturers. I’m convinced that the company will also perform in the machine vision sector and become a big player.”

He added: “Due to the enormous demand for cameras, Hikvision generates corresponding purchasing volumes in the field of electronic components, including the latest generation of Sony Pregius CMOS sensors. Hikvision is the largest customer of Sony Sensors. These cost-saving effects were reflected in extremely economical prices for
industrial cameras, without sacrificing quality.

“In addition to financial aspects, technical know-how and flexibility in development are another crucial factor. Of the more than 20,000 Hikvision employees, around 9,000 work in R & D. This manpower far exceeds the capacities of European manufacturers.

“Thanks to the resources that Hikvision has at its disposal, we are able to offer our customers a competitively priced and technically mature package. This includes a growing portfolio of standard cameras as well as the ability to design custom cameras in the shortest possible time. ”

Shawn Huo, Hikvision’s General Manager of International Business, said: “Thanks to its excellent contacts with the major image processing companies, MaxxVision is the ideal partner for the German-speaking market. In addition, MaxxVision controls all marketing tools and has the necessary know-how to convey the benefits of our products to potential customers. We look forward to a partnership and successful cooperation.”

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