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NIT launches new SWIR camera

The WiDy SenS GigE

NIT has launched a new SWIR camera.

The WiDy SenS GigE, for industrial applications, is a VGA SWIR Camera integrating NIT flagship Sensor NSC1601, with Dual Mode.

It provides an image of 640 x 512 pixels with a very High Dynamic Range of 120dB for high flux scene and a high sensitivity mode with a readout noise of 50e-.

It also features a Gigabit Ethernet output and a brand-new Hirose connector combining power supply and Triggering inputs/outputs options.

With a complete SDK compatible with Windows or Linux, the WiDy SenS GigE is, said the company, is a perfect SWIR option for easy integration into industrial equipment.

The WiDy SenS GigE has been designed to meet the requirements of new industrial applications with a proven standard interface.

Major applications include Semiconductor Inspection, Wafer Inspection, but also new emerging applications such as Monitoring of Additive manufacturing, or even Sorting machines.

The WiDy SenS completes the existing NIT SWIR products line – WiDy family:

  • WiDy SWIR cameras providing the high dynamic range in USB, CameraLink & GigE;
  • WiDy SenS cameras (HDR and High sensitivity) in USB, CameraLink & GigE;
  • WiDy NaNo (HDR) with an impressive form factor and a USB3.0 form factor.
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