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Latest MWIR camera from Xenics

The Tigris-640 is the latest MWIR camera from Xenics.

It succeeds the end-of-life Onca MWIR camera series.

The new camera has been designed for applications where high speed, high thermal sensitivity, on-board thermography, or broadband detectors are required.

It is equipped with a state-of-the art InSb, or MCT detector with 640 x 512 pixels and pixel pitch of 15 μm.

As for the differences between the InSb and MCT detectors, it centres on their A to D (Analog-to-Digital) conversion and their speed.

The Tigris-640-MCT camera offers 14 bit images at a maximum full frame rate of 105 Hz. Whereas the Tigris-640-InSb comes with a digital detector that works in 13-, 14- or 15-bit mode at a maximum full frame rate of 320 Hz.

Both frame rates can be increased by using a Window-Of-Interest (WOI).

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