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European Machine Vision Forum 2019 announces key note speakers and submissions deadline

The European Machine Vision Forum has revealed three key note speakers.

The annual event which takes place on 05 – 06 September 2019 in Lyon, France.

The first key note is entitled ‘The Future of Image Sensing – More Intelligence or More Sensing?’ and will be given by Professor Peter Seitz, Senior Technologist Europe at Hamamatsu Photonics.

In the afternoon session of the first conference day, Professor Dr Christian Wolf, Associate Professor at INSA, Université de Lyon and LIRIS, CNRS, highlights reasoning as a key component of human intelligence in his speech ‘Learning High-Level Reasoning in and from Images.’

Right after the lunch break on the second conference day, Dr François Simoens, Strategic Program Manager, CTO office at CEA-Leti in Grenoble gives his key note entitles ‘The Convergence of Photonics and Electronics: An Opportunity for Machine Vision.’

The focal topic of the European Machine Vision Forum 2019 is ‘Photonics and Machine Vision: Going Deep into Integration.’

It explained that over millions of years, biological vision systems evolved very differently in resolution, wavelength sensitivity, colour sensing, motion sensing, and reaction time, depending on the specific needs of the corresponding creature. This implies that machine learning is not the only solution. A better machine vision system is obviously one that deeply integrates modern algorithmic approaches including machine learning and modern photonics components adapted to the use cases of the systems. The 4th European Machine Vision Forum explores current progress and shows where we are heading.

Contributions of valuable research or innovation fitting into the above motto for a talk, or poster, are still welcomed and can be submitted until Friday, May 24, 2019 using the online submission tool. All submissions are openly reviewed by the joint Scientific and Industrial Advisory Board of the forum and everyone who has submitted a contribution. For the five best rated student contributions, the student speaker will receive a free ticket to the forum.

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