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The Crucial Role Of Lighting | Robo News, features, updates | MVPRO 15 | ROBOPRO 07 | June 2019

  • By Georgie Davey

How time flies. It’s strange to think that we’re already on the third iteration of the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition.

I can still remember vividly attending the first one, a little unsure as to how it would pan out, but once there, realising that the organisers were on to a winner. The main thing I like about this event, is that you can learn something not only from the keynote speakers, but also the other speakers who populate and surround the booths. In so many shows, the speaker events are very much secondary to the floor exhibits, with some poor person shouting their heads off trying to engage the audience. The MVC event seems to be more friendly, cosy even, and more welcoming to the speakers.

This one is a little later in the year, which means that by the time we’ve waved it goodbye, we’ll be looking at the second half of the year.

And 2019 is already proving to be a little more challenging – there is a sense that in some of the sectors, a little of the froth has gone and with this year, which is predicted to deliver a flat performance overall, it’s a case of holding steady and keeping the ship on an even keel.

It will be very interesting to hear what feedback we get from MVC attendees and how they see the second half. And of course, this is the year when we don’t have Vision and so after the long summer break, it will be the European Machine Vision Forum which takes place on 5/6 September in Lyon, France, and the Embedded VISION Europe 2019 which takes place on 24-25 October at the ICS International Congress Centre Stuttgart, which will loom large in terms of industry debate.

We take a look at what’s in store from the MCV later in the magazine, plus, in this issue, our main feature is illumination where, yes you’ve guessed it, we intend to spread some light on what is a vital part of the industry.

As well as our usual news update, we have a number of interesting articles and we continue to take a close look at automation, not only how effects the machine vision industry now, but also the implications for the future.

So, if I don’t see you at MVC, let’s hope we can catch up later.

All the best

Neil Martin Editor

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