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Deep learning surface inspection

The EyeVision software from EVT Eye Vision Technology now comes with a Deep Learning Surface Inspector.

It allows for the dynamic and easy detection of surface flaws, damages, and impurities. It works on textured surfaces and has an adaptive surface inspection section.

The challenge was the identification of faults on complex functional and aesthetic technical surfaces. The solution was an inspection based on the DL Surface Inspector based on machine vision under consideration of the process fluctuations.

The self-learning algorithm of the EyeVision software works directly on live images. And this also means that no labeled data is necessary for the recognition of the flaws in texture. It works by a  local training of an undefined number of classifications is used for an overall evaluation of the whole image. The final result is then produced through a majority voting decision.

There are several big advantages Eye Vision told MVPro Magazine:

  • the algorithm can be integrated in any machine vision software;
  • it can be deployed in a ROI using for example the size of the anomaly surface defect quantification criteria;
  • no teaching in advance;
  • no setting parameters, as the algorithm adapts itself automatically to any random surface;
  • evaluation of the inspected surface in less than 50 ms on Core i3.
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