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Tamron – the eyes of industry

Check out the Tamron Europe website and you’ll see the company’s core approach outlined with the words: “Tamron contributes to society by creating new eyes for the industry.” Editor Neil Martin sees what Tamron has planned for VISION, a show it has attended since 2004.

Tamron is a well-known and highly appreciated brand in the market of interchangeable lenses for consumer cameras with its mega zoom lenses and Super-Performance lens series for high-end photography. These are based on Tamron’s commitment to find exclusive ways to achieve perfect images for both hobby users and professional photographs with its original technologies and outstanding optical design.

The company has been around since 1950 and is headquartered in Saitama, Japan. The European headquarter of Tamron is at the cathedral city of Cologne in Germany. From its base on the shores of Lake Fühlinger, it handles sales, marketing, service and distribution in EMEA region and employs more than 60 people.

The focus for this year’s VISION for Tamron is its newest baby for the M112FM machine vision lens series, which has been very well received in the market since its launch last year. The reason for the popularity of this series is that combines everything what a customer wants in a lens; high resolution up to the edges without vignetting, close to zero distortion, high transmittance rates even in NIR and extremely compact design. It is the smallest lens series for targeted sensor size and it is welcomed and demanded on the market.

So, this year’s VISION Show will be about launching the newest member of M112FM series, the M112FM06 with 6mm focal length. And even though it is an extreme wide-angle lens, it will come in the same 29mm lens barrel as all the other lenses of the series. To make this possible, Tamron has used a sophisticated optical design and a mechanical trick, a detachable the filter holder. Therefore, the lens keeps its small size when used without filter.

Also, the company’s first global shutter 30x zoom camera module called MP2030M-GS will be on show for the first time at VISION, which should be suitable for many different machine vision applications.

With the MP2030M-GS, Tamron is advancing this product species to an unseen level, featuring an industrial grade CMOS global shutter image sensor and 30x optical zoom and compatibility with the interface of many other camera modules in the market with LVDS output.

The MP2030M-GS is Tamron´s first camera module with a CMOS global shutter sensor with Full-HD resolution up to 60 fps and integrated optical zoom going into serial production. Thanks to its high dynamic range, the video images bring out rich details of dark and bright image areas in the same scene. A low readout-noise combined with near-infrared sensitivity enable clear captures even under low light conditions.

Above all, the MP2030M-GS features a Tamron signature lens with electronically controllable 30x optical zoom and a field of view between 60° and 2.5°. Comfort functions like auto-focus, auto-iris, auto-white balance, noise reduction, digital defogging and digital image stabilization are also included. Electronically removable IR-Cut filter enables using IR lighting as well. Its impact on the market is very significant, bringing the possibility of very flexible settings to the industry due to the zoom camera, instead of fixed cameras that are used currently.

This camera module is 56 x 61 x 124 mm small, weighs approx. 360 g, and its digital control/video-output interface is compatible with many other camera modules on the market. Thus, the MP2030M-GS is both a value-adding drop-in replacement of discontinued camera modules in existing installations and an enabler of all-new applications including Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), factory automation including web inspection, airborne aerial surveillance, entertainment and research.

The company believes visitors will come to their booth to see the smallest lenses in the industry, plus the MP2030M-GS 30x global shutter camera module. They will showcase their OEM product range, camera modules and complete product line-up of machine vision lenses.

As for the future, they intend to work even closer with the camera manufacturers to make OEM business easier to handle in Europe.

Contact us on;
Vision show: Hall 1 Stand 1H56
Tel: +49 (0) 221 / 66 95 44-0
Email: info(at)
Address: TAMRON Europe GmbH,
Robert Bosch Straße 9, D-50769 Cologne

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