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Tamron launches its first global shutter block camera

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

New from FRAMOS is Tamron’s first global shutter block camera.

Tamron’s Block Camera MP2030M-GS is a hands-on embedded vision solution for high-quality CMOS global shutter imaging for motion applications.

The MP2030M-GS is equipped with Sony’s IMX265, an industrial grade 1/1.8″ Global Shutter CMOS sensor. It is combined with a built-in high-power 30x zoom lens and is suitable for both wide angle and telephoto pictures.

The camera is suited to both day and night conditions in security, surveillance or traffic applications. 

Darren Bessette, Category Manager, Devices, at FRAMOS, said: “The Tamron MP2030M-GS provides everything customers expect with a security type block camera. Random trigger modes and external trigger synchronisation makes this device perfect for traffic monitoring.

“The wide dynamic range ensures excellent picture quality, even in difficult scenes under both bright and dark light conditions. The electronic image stabilization, defog, auto ICR and privacy maps are well suited for various surveillance and outdoor applications like aerial imaging, drone inspection, or rescue robots.”

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