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STEMMER IMAGING offers Odos Imaging TOF 3D cameras

Odos Imaging

STEMMER IMAGING has signed an agreement with Odos Imaging for the distribution of Time-Of-Flight (TOF) 3D cameras.

The Starform Swift 3D camera has a 640 x 480 pixels sensor – the highest resolution industrial TOF camera currently available. With integrated 850 nm LED illumination, the camera can acquire 3D point clouds for imaging at 44 fps from a range up to six metres.

These fast frame rates can be used to track dynamic scenes in 3D or accumulate static scenes for improved precision. Fully factory calibrated, the camera can provide range, or depth  information, 3D images and measurements and 2D images.

Mark Williamson, Managing Director of STEMMER IMAGING UK, said: “The Starform Swift TOF 3D camera perfectly complements our current range of 3D cameras and opens up a diverse range of depth perception application opportunities. Our extensive technical expertise in creating complete machine vision solutions will allow us to bring added value in a wide range of industrial markets.”

Odos Imaging is a Rockwell Automation company.

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