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Staying Connected

  • By Jason Stockwell

MVPro Magazine editor Neil Martin caught up with Thomas Detjen, Head of Sales & Marketing at Alysium Tech GmbH, to hear how VISION 2018 had gone for them.

Alysium has its HQ in Nuremberg and further offices in the US and Malaysia. It describes itself as partnering its customers for high performance interconnect solutions. It boasts strong production and engineering capabilities which contribute to high quality, superior, reliable and costefficient solutions. It’s known for significant experience in the fields of connectors, cables and cable assemblies.

Thomas, who lives close to Stuttgart, calls himself a “technic-nerd” and is happiest making his customer’s life better with excellent products and high quality service. He’s been at Alysium for ten years now and before that was with a connector manufacturer from Japan.

First question for Thomas was the obvious one, so how did they find this year’s show?

Thomas: “A full success and even better than we expected. The Vision Show was this year not only a great place to “meet & greet” existing partners and friends in our market, but also we had a huge share of new customers at our booth, especially from Asia. We believe that the Vision Show Stuttgart stays as one of the best locations in the world to have everyone from this market together at one place.”


Alysium’s focus at this year’s event was on three major categories for the vision market.

Firstly, the A+ Family, which includes in USB3.1 Gen1, GigE and Cameralink HS, and also for Teledyne DALSA the IO interface (Alysium name it BRJE) for their Genie Nano and other upcoming cameras. Here the emphasis was on presenting the best possible cable assemblies from mechanical and electrical point of view to the market. Through the released AOC Cables for USB3.1 Gen1 and CLHS, they are now even able to further extend the already market leading extended cable length they can currently offer with their stable passive copper solutions. The biggest advantage is the instant availability of those A+ materials from stock in standard length.

Secondly, they have also expanded their “ACustom” product range. These moulded assemblies are produced to order, so they we can adapt them to exactly meet customers’ demands such as 90° angle moulds and specific cable length.

Thirdly, their product range of connectors is still growing. It began some years ago with replacements for the defecto standard IO Interface in this market and has grown into a complete portfolio of circular connectors. These include, for example M8 and M12 in different coding but also internal connectors as FFC/FPC Connectors and Board to Board Connectors, and also Receptacles as TypeC for USB3.1 Gen1/2.

Cable Choice

The next question concerned the importance of cable choice when it came to a systems effectiveness and more particularly, what benefit do Alysium’s products bring to the party.

Thomas: “Well, Cables, especially in our world, are mostly rated as Accessories, “available” material and “no brainer”. But mostly only until people notice, that whatever they need is not available, or produces pain in their application. We strongly believe, that cables should be even in our high end/challenging markets this kind of “no brainer” for our customers and so we put a strong focus on provide solutions to our customers, so that those can really focus on their success.

“We had the last years for example lots of customers, who were fighting with EMI issues, which were solved with using our cable material, or simply could reach the cable length they needed through our technology advantage against other suppliers.

“That’s our key to success: we try to listen, understand customers pain points and solve them. As we do also the raw cable design and more and more also can influence the connector, we can simply offer “more” then a normal cable assembly manufacturer can.


So what plans do they for 2019?

“We just released the active Optical solutions for our A+ CL HS and A+ USB3.1 Gen1 product range and we are looking forward to start selling those beginning next year. The first feedback is so far very positive, so we believe, that this will give our customers also the possibilities to attack new market sectors, they haven’t been able to attack so far.

“Next to other new product families, we have some very interesting custom projects in the development for automotive and industrial, which are looking very promising.

Additionally, they are also busy introducing new interfaces like iX. “Overall, we believe 2019 will be a challenging year for the markets, but we have done our homework and looking forward to it.”


I move on to ask what does he think will be the main trends for machine vision from now until the next VISION?

“Not only that the Cameras will get smarter, but also the demand in bandwidth, speed and reliability will increase. Examples we see now already with USB3.1 Gen2 and the first SFP+ Cameras of the second generation. There are lots of discussions actually about how CXP can develop further when Copper will come at it ends (the CCPX Standard), and what comes after SFP+ (QSFP+), and so on.

“That ’s our key to success: we try to listen, understand customers pain points and solve them.

“It will be interesting to see, how this extreme push will be adapted by the end customers, who are still more adapting in a traditional slower manner. Next to the pure technology changes, I believe that a strong focus will be on sales and marketing, as here some major changes are in front of us.

“Just having top products will be not enough anymore. Information as technical specifications, 3D Models, Simulation data’s and of course pricing and delivery times must be in best case available instantly to our markets.“

“So, what we started with our product range A+ – available from stock in standard lengths – we will expand into the availability and speed of information’s and ordering processes with our customers. Our customers should be able to focus on their applications and their customers and we help them to get those projects to an success.”


I end up by asking, what excites him most about the industry’s prospects over the coming years?

“What started some years ago as a “small” niche market is expanding nearly daily into new market. We strongly believe this will continue and through our already existing focus on the automotive and industrial/medial market, we see that there is a lot of merging happing actually.

“We can combine here the USPs we build up the last years for each of this markets and combine them now in a unique packaging, which help our customers in the future. We still focus on listening, and providing solutions, not only a product.

It seems likely that the “small niche” is set to continue to grow for Alysium.

Contact Details

A: Thomas Detjen, Head of Sales & Marketing Alysium Tech GmbH
T: +49 173 5803588

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