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SPS IPC Drives becomes SPS

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

SPS IPC Drives, to  mark its 30th anniversary next year, has changed its name.

The electrical automation exhibition will officially be known as SPS from now on.

What’s more, the abbreviation no longer stands for a key component of automation technology – namely speicherprogrammierbare Steuerung, the German words for “programmable logic controllers” – but Smart Production Solutions.

Christian Wolf, Managing Director of Turck and Chairman of the SPS Exhibitor Advisory Board, explained: “…adopting the name SPS as an abbreviation of Smart Production Solutions means we can retain the prominent SPS brand and leverage it around the world. It also reflects how the exhibition is increasingly showcasing holistic approaches to Industry 4.0, including through new exhibitors from the IT sector.”

Sylke Schulz-Metzner, Vice President for SPS at Mesago Messe Frankfurt, added: “In making this change, we’ve committed to aligning SPS with the issue of digital transformation. To complement its strong reputation in automation, the exhibition is sending a clear signal that it also wants to cover the opportunities digitalization presents in industrial production. This is how we plan to expand the already sound core of the SPS brand and further its ongoing development.”

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