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SICK’s pocket-sized camera


SICK has launched the Ranger3 camera, a high-definition streaming camera.

It will, said the company, push forward the boundaries of 3D vision inspection in a wide range of industrial applications thanks to a breakthrough CMOS sensor that powers unprecedented high-speed image processing in a compact device.

The Ranger3 is the first to be powered by SICK’s innovative Imager with ROCC (Rapid On-Chip Calculation technology). Faster than any comparable device on the market said SICK, its next-generation technology is capable of capturing 7000 profiles per second at full sensor acquisition.

The Ranger3 extracts the true 3D shape of an object, regardless of its contrast, or colour, and as a result achieves 3D measurement with unprecedented accuracy, enabling operators to achieve reliable quality inspection at more rapid throughputs.

“The SICK Ranger3 is built around our new M30 CMOS sensor, which is seven times as sensitive as anything SICK has used before in its vision cameras,” says Neil Sandhu SICK (UK) vision specialist. “This means that lighting is never going to be an issue, even with low contrast dark objects at high speeds.

“The SICK Ranger3’s sensor acquires 3D profiles over 2560 coordinates at 1/16 subpixel resolution, for very high definition, even on very dark or reflective surfaces, for an outstanding imaging dynamic range.”

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