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SensoPart introduces world’s small optical distance sensor

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

SensoPart (Gottenheim) has introduced what it claims is the world’s smallest optical distance sensor

No bigger than a sugar cube, the laser distance sensor FT 10-RLA is suited to challenging measuring tasks, for example in semi-conductor assembly, or robotics applications. The output of measurement values is purely digital thanks to IO-Link.

It measures just 21.1 x 14.6 x 8 mm and weighs only approximately 10g. SensoPart told MVPro Magazine that despite a subminiature design, it has excellent sensor capacities with particularly exceptional linearity and repeatability. The measuring range is 10 to 70 mm with only a tiny blind zone of 10 mm. The sharp rectangular light spot (1×3 mm), which is characteristic of laser sensors, guarantees reliable small part detection.

Determined by triangulation, the distance is emitted as a 3-byte digital value via the integrated IO-Link interface. Measurement values are consequently no longer distorted by surrounding electromagnetic influences, in contrast to the analogue output method.

The company explained that due to increasing digitalisation in industry and the fact that IO-Link is now a global standard, the time was ripe for a purely digital distance sensor.

The tiny laser sensor offers everything necessary for effective distance measurement. Thanks to an integrated dovetail holder, the sensor can be quickly and easily mounted and aligned, even in cramped conditions. The class 1 laser beam also facilitates use.

Typical applications with the FT 10-RLA are distance measurement directly from the robotic gripper arm, double layer detection with printed circuit boards, presence and height control of semi-conductor components as well as the measurement of small dispensing reels. Due to its small construction, the sensor is a practical substitute for fibre-optic cables when precision measurements are required in extremely confined spaces.

Distance sensors from SensoPart are now available in all industry- compatible formats: compact, miniature and subminiature.

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