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Pleora delivers market’s first GigE Vision interface for new Sony block camera

  • By Neil Martin
  • News

Pleora (Ottawa, Canada) has introduced the imaging market’s first external frame grabber that helps, it said, manufacturers and system integrators reduce costs, simplify cabling and speed time-to-market, by converting Sony FCB-EV7520A block cameras into GigE Vision 2.0 cameras.

Pleora is a leading supplier of high-performance video interfaces.

“The iPORT SB-GigE-EV7520A builds on our extensive expertise in developing video interfaces for Sony block cameras,” said Harry Page, President, Pleora Technologies. “Our new external frame grabber gives manufacturers and integrators a low-risk way to leverage the design, cost, and performance benefits of Ethernet when deploying Sony’s high-sensitivity, high-quality block camera in high-performance imaging applications.”

Pleora’s external frame grabbers for block cameras have been designed into a wide range of imaging applications, including medical telepresence, perimeter security, transportation,  robotics, sports analysis, and drone systems.

The iPORT SB-GigE-EV7520A transmits video with low, consistent latency at high frame rates between the Sony block camera and computing platforms or displays. Video, power, and control data is transmitted over low-cost Ethernet cabling to existing ports on the computer, or display.

Designers can choose from a broad selection of small form factor and low-power computing platforms, including laptops and embedded systems.

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