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Photoneo’s Bin Picking Studio Helps The Spread Of Automation

One of the highlights of Vision 2018 was Slovak company Photoneo and it was no surprise that the company, which was only established in 2013, walked off with the event’s premier award for its MotionCam-3D. But, that’s just one product from this innovative company and we hear from Branislav Pulis, VP of Sales & Marketing, about its smart robothandling software solution for bin picking applications.

It was early last year that Photoneo launched its Bin Picking Studio and since then it has had a great impact on the business of companies who use bin picking systems.

Branislav Pulis explained: “What’s so worthwhile about it is that it is so easy-to-use and allows users with no 3D vision knowledge and advanced programming skills to use our 3D scanning devices and software, and make their own applications such as bin picking based on CAD models or AI-driven AnyPick without us. In the end, this leads to a higher degree and spread of automation.”

The Bin Picking Studio includes all components needed for a bin picking application like automated robot-scanner calibration, CAD or AI-based object localization, path planner for robots, collision avoidance system and 3D sensor, of course.

There are a lot of features such as multiple gripping points, or tool point, that can be set up easily in a well-arranged web-based interface. “The package is unique,” said Pulis, “because customers get the fine-tuned, complete yet simple bin picking system from one supplier. Every client has access to comprehensive manuals and webinars, or in-person free training”

Pulis again: “We’ve strived to develop versatile bin picking system able to pick parts as small as needles but also big metal parts like A pillars installed in cars. We’ve achieved this by the combination of the Bin Picking Studio software and PhoXi 3D Scanners family. Moreover, we help customers during feasibility phase for free, which enables us to collect a lot of useful information that is then transferred to upgrades of Bin Picking Studio for their benefit.” “The release of the Bin Picking Studio 1.2 in mid-March is an example of the synthesis of our own continuous development efforts and inputs received from users. This cycle allows us to proclaim that our 3D vision-guided software is the most extensive one in the world.” The product is aimed at two main sectors. Firstly, its products find applications in the manufacturing industry, including automotive business, especially TIER 1 suppliers, white-goods production and electronics. Secondly, it is used by logistics, fulfillment and e-commerce companies. The main applications are all robot-handling applications where 3D vision is needed. Pulis: “The aim is to automate all monotonous or hazardous work by employing visionguided robots.”

As for where the company sells its products, and whether it sells direct to the market, or via a distributor, Pulis replied: “Our products sell worldwide. Our headquarters is in Europe, but we’ve built branches in the U.S. and China in order to help our customers grow with us, and a solid PHOTONEO’S BIN PICKING STUDIO HELPS THE SPREAD OF AUTOMATION One of the highlights of Vision 2018 was Slovak company Photoneo and it was no surprise that the company, which was only established in 2013, walked off with the event’s premier award for its MotionCam-3D. But, that’s just one product from this innovative company and we hear from Branislav Pulis, VP of Sales & Marketing, about its smart robothandling software solution for bin picking applications. 38 SPONSORED global network of distributors and certified integrators. We have different business models in different countries.”

Pulis is confident the product will make its impact on the market and believes its introduction reflects how important research and development is: “R&D is a cornerstone of our company as we’ve always been very innovation-oriented, and Photoneo as such was established by modern inventors. We are continuously working on upgrades of the existing products and are also preparing to launch a couple of new breakthrough products based on our core 3D sensing know-how.”

As for the company’s camera/sensor range, how has it changed since 2018?

Pulis: “We started to sell our PhoXi 3D Scanner in 2016. However, it was mainly used for applications that have worked with static scenes. Now we have added our new 3D camera MotionCam-3D to our portfolio which is based on our patented technology called Parallel Structured Light, implemented by a custom CMOS image sensor. It’s the highest accuracy and highest resolution 3D camera for sensing in rapid motion yet. We’ve been selling engineering samples since its launch to the market in late 2018 and are working on finishing touches to be able to offer the final product in Q3 2019.”

And has the camera/sensor market changed over the last 12 months?

“I think the market grows very fast and we see a lot of traction there. More and more customers express interest in our products and they come up with new applications which is great. We believe we’ve contributed to revolutionizing and benefiting the machine vision industry and automation stakeholders with our products – awardwinning high resolution/low noise/large scanning volume 3D hardware, complemented with our own versatile and easy-to-use software options, that is, however, compatible also with other high quality SW products like Halcon, LabVIEW, Matrox Imaging or Adaptive Vision.”

In terms of technical developments, what will create the camera/sensor excitement for Photoneo in 2019? “We would like to finalize the MotionCam-3D as a standard product. We are also preparing new products based on this technology. At the moment we sell engineering samples of the Camera which allows companies to develop their own, custom and innovative solutions using 3D vision in motion, that will also be interesting to watch. We expect that these will be implemented in quality control, robot handling and other applications in Q4 2019.”

Finally, Pulis talked about the future of Photoneo:

“We are a very dynamic and fast-growing company, bringing unique, state-of-the-art products to the market. There is a big traction on the market and we can see that our customers appreciate our pro-customer and honest approach and our top-notch solutions that help them achieve great results. The 3D sensor market grows and certain products become more sophisticated, new features are added, and so on and so forth, and that paves the way for the next generation of automation.

“We develop eyes and brain for robots whose usage is also on the rise. We believe that what we strive to achieve – to provide robots with the ability to comprehend their environment – can be considered the next significant step in the industrial revolution we’re going to witness.”

So, it’s likely the Vision 2018 award will be one of many as this progressive company sets about building its future in both the machine vision and automation sectors.


Photoneo is a well established developer and provider of sophisticated 3D machine vision systems. The company concentrates on its 3D vision products to be versatile and easy to use, allowing to push boundaries of automation forward. PhoXi 3D Scanner family is known for its high resolution and speed, large depth of field and ambient light suppression. PhoXi 3D Scanners integrated in various kinds of automation applications worldwide allow customers to achieve unbeatable performance in terms of noise and overall efficiency. The MotionCam-3D – winner of the VISION Award 2018 and ranked among the inVISION Top Innovations 2019 – is the highest resolution and highest accuracy area-based 3D Camera for scanning in rapid motion in the world. Besides bin picking applications in manufacturing and logistics for e-commerce; the reliability and precision of the camera allows robots to handle smaller and sensitive objects in palletizing, de-palletizing, machine tending applications, quality control and metrology. The MotionCam-3D is able to inspect objects moving as fast as 40 meters per second. Extensive experience in deploying bin picking applications is reflected in the Bin Picking Studio, a web-based SW for setting up entire automated bin picking, end-to-end, in one day. Other packages for bin picking offered by Photoneo include Locator and 3D Localization C++ SDK. Photoneo’s expertise goes beyond CAD-based picking, with its AI-driven application AnyPick for picking almost any type of objects from 1×1 cm, targeting e-commerce, logistics, food processing and metallurgy. In 2018, the company has introduced its autonomous mobile robot for transport, delivery and handling of material in hotels, warehouses and factories: Phollower 100



A: Branislav Pulis


T: +421 948 766 479


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