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OPTO ENGINEERING: Ultra-compact large FOV telecentric lenses and illuminators

The new CORE PLUS family features large FOV telecentric lenses for area scan cameras and collimated illuminators.

With an extremely innovative opto-mechanical design ideal to image large objects in a reduced space. Both the working distance and the mechanical length of CORE PLUS lenses and illuminators has been optimized to make a measurement system as compact as possible: compared to any other telecentric lens and illuminator of similar FoV, the CORE PLUS series are up to 45% shorter.

LTCLHP CORE PLUS telecentric illuminators are designed to illuminate large areas in a reduced space. They are up to 40% shorter than other telecentric lights on the market. The length and working distance of a telecentric lens strongly impact the size of a vision system. Their working distance range has been optimized to make a measurement system as compact as possible, allowing to reduce the overall system’s dimensions by up to up to half.

The super compact form factor allows you to easily integrate CORE PLUS collimated illumination where classic telecentric lights don’t fit instead of common diffuse backlights, thus improving your system’s performance.

Control Exhibition
Booth 4404, Hall 4

Opto Engineering Europe Headquarters
Strada Circonvallazione Sud, 15
46100 Mantova – Italy

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