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Opto Engineering: Ultra-compact large FOV telecentric lenses and illuminators, CORE PLUS family



The new CORE PLUS family features large FOV telecentric lenses for area scan cameras with an extremely innovative opto-mechanical design, ideal to image large objects in a reduced space. Both the working distance and the mechanical length of CORE PLUS lenses has been optimized to make a measurement system as compact as possible: compared to any other telecentric lens of similar FoV, the CORE PLUS family allows you to save up to 40% of space.


8 and 4 channels LED strobe controllers with max pulsed current of 20A



Opto Engineering® range of LED strobe controllers now includes LTDVE8CH-20 and LTDVE4CH-20 with Ethernet and RS485 interfaces featuring respectively eight and four output channels driving lights with currents up to 20A (pulsed) and 2A (continuous). These controllers accurately set current intensity, pulse duration and delay of LED illuminators, offer filtering options for trigger signals and easily synchronize the strobe pulses with the camera exposure to meet today’s machine vision high speed demands.




6 June, Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes, UK

Booth 12



Opto Engineering Europe Headquarter

Strada Circonvallazione Sud, 15

46100 Mantova – Italy

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