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New white paper from JAI: How does prism camera technology help to achieve superior color image quality?

JAI prism camera technology

A new white paper from JAI outlines the advantages of prism-based 3-CMOS R-G-B area scan camera technology compared to single sensor Bayer mosaic cameras for color applications in machine vision and medical/microscopy imaging. Download the white paper here.


Achieving superior image quality requires real and full color depth for every channel, improved color contrast and color differentiation, low inter-channel crosstalk and noise levels. These vital image quality factors can be achieved using the unique advantages of prism technology. Cameras based on Bayer pattern sensors block part of the light falling on it due to the very nature of the light filtering process. Due to this reason, several camera technologies on the market rely heavily on FPGA based image processing to repair image quality. On the other hand, prism-based cameras separate the incoming light in an innovative way that avoids loss of signal intensity. Furthermore, prism technology proves that in order to achieve superior image quality, what matters most is the way light is captured onto image sensors.



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