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MVPro Magazine Exclusive: New boss at STEMMER IMAGING gives his first interview

stemmer imaging

On 1 March 2019 Arne Dehn took over from Christof Zollitsch as chairman of the board of STEMMER IMAGING. In this interview he outlines his goals and visions for the future.


STEMMER IMAGING is one of the best-known names worldwide in the machine vision industry. What particularly excites you about your new task?

Arne Dehn: STEMMER IMAGING is indeed one of the biggest names in the industry. The company has played a decisive role in shaping machine vision as we know it today. As a technology supplier, STEMMER IMAGING bundles innovative technical product with high levels of service and knowledge enabling us to provide a competent consulting service for our customers. The task of further developing the company to enhance the service we offer to our customers by making machine vision easy and accessible to our customers excites me very much.


Do you already have experience in the field of machine vision that you can utilise in your new position?

Arne Dehn: Yes, I’ve been involved for many years with machine vision and I regard it as one of the most exciting fields of technology. At the same time, I have clearly recognised that machine vision components always are only just part of an overall solution – and that needs to be precisely tailored to the application that the customer needs. I also have been involved in other fields of technology such as safety and communication technology, where I have experience in exciting technologies such as embedded and artificial intelligence which are now starting to make an impact in the machine vision market place.


What goals have you and STEMMER IMAGING set for the short, mid and long term?

Arne Dehn: With machine vision being an important component in Industrial IoT (IIOT), which is making an impact across many fields of business we are moving in one of the most exciting industries that exists right now. At the same time the variety of applications is exploding. Because of our setup in terms of regions covered and the industries served, STEMMER IMAGING is in an outstanding position to be able to use these business opportunities in the short, mid and long term. With our stock market launch we have given ourselves the opportunity to grow at an above-average rate both organically and with the aid of acquisitions. Moreover, we will take that opportunity!


STEMMER IMAGING has developed above the market average in the past years. Where do you see big optimisation potential?

Arne Dehn: Yes, STEMMER IMAGING has set a great precedent with an average growth of 12% p.a. over the last 20 years. We want to develop further so that our customers get precisely the service from us that they need. Apart from providing a leading technology portfolio and the most competent consulting service, we are focussed on offering the optimum customer experience at all times. In addition to technology and service, changing customer expectations will demand us to develop new ways for our customer to access our capability for example how people interact with us. If we manage all three areas well, then above-average growth and increased added value are the logical consequences.


In Wilhelm Stemmer und Christof Zollitsch, two long-standing and successful leaders have left the company within a relatively short time. What challenges arise out of this for STEMMER IMAGING and for you personally?

Arne Dehn: At this point I should like to congratulate Mr Stemmer and Mr Zollitsch on their life’s work. They managed to build up a team of employees and thus a business that enjoys great international recognition. Apart from business success, the culture and collaborative ethos that exists inside the company is impressive. That needs to be retained and continually developed. I wouldn’t call that a challenge, but rather a valuable commodity that we want to keep.


What effects will the change at the top mean for customers, suppliers and partners of STEMMER IMAGING?

Arne Dehn: In future we will continue to concentrate on our strengths and thus, together with all our employees, to live out our claim to be the best partner for machine vision technology. That’s exactly what our motto “Vision Right Now” expresses.

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