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NET – Vision Expertise For Unique Solutions

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NET New Electronic Technology (NET) has more than 20 years of experience with customized vision solutions. This has resulted in a unique success formula, which is reflected in N ET’s core competencies and products – the “younique solutions”. NET’s unique vision solutions are the result of many years of accumulated expertise.

Together with our customers, we have developed product solutions that currently support a wide variety of industrial and medical applications. NET offers a complete range of camera technology, featuring in particular the latest smart and embedded vision solutions for decentralized applications. As part of the TKH Group, NET stands for smart vision solutions which meet the individual requirements of customers and industry alike.

NET’s Open Camera Concept provides the new technological basis for individual vision solutions. Below, we will show you how customers – in close cooperation with NET – use this technology to develop unique smart vision solutions, e.g. individual industrial solutions for packaging inspection. This enables integrators and users to create their application solution more efficiently than ever before.

Close Cooperation With Customers For Optimal Customized Solutions

NET has provided the perfect vision solution for hundreds of applications in the fields of industry and medicine. The focus has always remained the same: our customers’ goals. We take a broader view of the application and think outside the box by maxing out the technological possibilities, not losing track of our customers’ competencies and goals and proposing innovative approaches to help them achieve better results, both operatively and strategically. The consulting process in combination with the experience offered by our sales engineers in Europe, USA and Japan enables specific solutions to be offered directly.

Existing product platforms make it possible for NET to very quickly develop new camera solutions for its customers. For example, we were able to produce a side view camera by modifying a USB3 industrial camera and equipping it with a special lens. The mechanism allowed us a tolerance of a mere micrometer for the necessary calculations to be made correctly. This highly complex project could only be realized through close cooperation and transparent communication with regard to what was physically possible, manufacturable and economically sound.

Technologies For The Future – The Net Open Camera Concept

The evolution of the Open Camera Concept began some five years ago with its implementation in the embedded FPGA of the GigE vision camera line GigEPRO, a compact camera solution for industrial applications. Customers can now integrate existing image processing functions, which previously could only be carried out afterwards on an external computer, into the camera. Camera-embedded algorithms in the FPGA make low-cost real-time image processing possible. And in a way that only the image data relevant for the particular task needs to be transmitted to the host PC or actuator. Decentralized multi-camera applications, in particular, benefit from this due to the more efficient vision architectures.

Thanks to NET’s camera-embedded barcode recognition algorithm, only the actual decision-critical data is transmitted, which has significant benefits. The host PC is now able to process the data from several decentralized cameras without reaching its limit. As the central computer’s workload is now significantly reduced, tasks can be dealt with faster and on a larger scale than ever before. The resulting scalability and the ability to make efficient adjustments to the application at any time offer huge opportunities for solution providers in the areas of process automation and quality control.

As it is constantly undergoing new developments, the Open Camera Concept also unlocks new potential for customers through CORSIGHT, the CPU- and FPGAbased smart vision camera system. In the near future, new technologies in the field of industrial image processing will be supported by an ARM-based fully-integrated embedded vision solution: hardware-accelerated computer vision and machine learning algorithms in the camera. Due to the increase in performance potential, industrial clients will be able to create their application solutions more efficiently in future than they have been able to so far using today’s conventional vision solutions.

Engineering Your Own Success: Unique Vision Solutions

The new possibilities in the field of image processing are progressively shaping the future of industry and medicine. From the viewpoint of the user, the focus lies on optimizing the application and realizing new application possibilities. Innovative image processing workflows are an effective means of achieving this. The NET Open Camera Concept® takes this into account as it allows companies to break new ground, for example in the fields of automation, robotics, logistics and distribution. What’s more, it offers them a more direct means of turning their own skills and experience into competitive advantages. Integrating existing functions into the vision system is key to developing unique, uncopiable solutions. However, technological advantages also lead to increased efficiency, speed, safety and improved interconnectivity. So-called open vision solutions make it possible for a company to develop its own resource-efficient solutions. The demand for these solutions is growing in the industry. Vision solution providers, who see themselves committed to achieving both goals, offer their customers the greatest advantages

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