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Nerian SceneScan camera systems reach six megapixels

Nerian scenescan camera system

Nerian has again pushed the limits of stereoscopic depth perception. With another improvement to its SceneScan Pro real-time stereo vision system, the device can now handle input images at resolutions up to six megapixels.

SceneScan Pro is a dedicated image processing system for computing depth information from stereoscopic image data. Stereo vision as a depth sensing technology provides unique advantages as it does not require any light projection and is thus not disturbed by bright ambient light or long measurement distances.

SceneScan Pro uses a powerful FPGA in order to run the computationally demanding image processing algorithms. By further optimising its algorithms, Nerian has been able to double the maximum image resolution from three megapixels.

This performance increase is possible without upgrading the hardware and just by using Nerian’s latest firmware release.

SceneScan Pro is capable of processing 40 million pixels per second from a stereo camera pair at full depth resolution, or up to 60 million pixels per second at a reduced resolution. This means that at six megapixels resolution, a frame rate of five fps can be achieved, whereas 100 fps can be achieved at 0.3 megapixels resolution.

With this new firmware release, Nerian has also further improved the accuracy of its stereo image processing algorithms, allowing even better depth measurements.

Further details about our SceneScan 3D sensor system can be found on our website.

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