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MVTec celebrates 20th VISION

MVTec will be attending their 20th Vision trade show in November and we talk to MVTec’s Head of Sales Gerhard Wagner about its approach to the sector’s premier event

When it comes to VISION, held every two years in Stuttgart, MVTec Software has a clear and straightforward objective: to once again emphasize its technological leadership in machine vision software.

It was back in 1998 when the company first attended the show and now its two core products, HALCON and MERLIC, are recognised as industry leaders. New versions of both will be released shortly after the event, which gives visitors to the company’s VISION booth (1-E72) a chance to pre-experience the new features.

Gerhard believes that HALCON, soon available in version 18.11, and MERLIC, soon in its fourth version, will become stars of the show: “Technologywise, we will showcase several live demos regarding embedded vision, deep learning, parallel processing, and deflectometry, as well as presentations about hyperspectral imaging and 3D vision – all realized with our software.

“Furthermore, we will host a live forum at our booth, where MVTec experts will hold practically relevant presentations on deep learning with HALCON 18.11 and the new parallelization with MERLIC 4 every half hour.”

MVTec looks back over the 20 years at the show as being a time of “fruitful collaboration” and sees 2018 as being no exception.

Gerhard explains: “We want to enthrall old and new customers with our great innovations, of course, but also emphasize that our products have a strong, long-established standing in machine vision and can actually be used in all kinds of industries.

“Apart from that we want to raise more consciousness for the possibilities of machine vision technologies such as deep learning or embedded vision technologies amongst the visitors. Furthermore we strive to – again – sustainably showcase MVTec as the technology leader for machine vision software in the global markets.

He adds: “Visitors will gather most beneficial insights about what is state-of-the-art in machine vision software – and thus can save both time and money to their companies.”

But, for MVTec, VISION is not only about showcasing their products, its a chance to: “… once again work closely together with our partners and our broad network in the industry to present a variety of different use-cases for any application and need.

“On top, we will participate in several forums and talks to present the ‘hottest’ topics live to interested visitors.”

Gerhard, like most of the sector’s senior executives, believes there’s a bright outlook for the future of the industry. For him, when someone asks who needs machine vision, his answer is simple: “Anybody who must mass-produce goods, anybody who would like to automatize his production and anybody who wants 100% quality for their entire production.”

His own company’s products have numerous applications, including all demanding areas of imaging such as the semi-conductor industry, inspection, optical quality control, metrology, medicine and surveillance. And now, in particular, software by MVTec enables new automation solutions in settings of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Gerhard says: “Our products have always set new, high-level standards for machine vision software in industrial environments, and we aim to keep it that way.”

Since MVTec was founded in November 1996 as a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich and the Bavarian Research Center for Knowledge-Based Systems (FORWISS), it has steered its path to success without recourse to external shareholders. It is wholly owned by the management.

It has earnt its position as a leading international manufacturer of software for machine vision and its products are universally known throughout the industry.

HALCON is optimized for theneeds of OEMs and system integrators. It allows engineers to set up their own solutions for a specific machine vision task.

MERLIC is a powerful, all-in-one machine vision software product that enables users to quickly build complete solutions without programming.

But it doesn’t stop there. MVTec also builds customized software solutions for machine vision – from consultancy, studies, and prototypes up to integrated products.

Software solutions can be based on standard PC or embedded hardware (for example Arm-based systems).

What’s more, MVTec’s team has an excellent background in processing images of different kinds, including 3D, infrared, hyperspectral and X-ray images.

Gerhard explains the company’s mission: “To offer customers the greatest possible benefit, MVTec’s innovative work is driven by a commitment to be the number one supplier for all kinds of machine vision software technologies.

“MVTec focusses on in-house research and hence takes a leading role in the challenging process of understanding how machines can learn to see.”

As for the future, MVTec’s objective is clear: “We want to remain and further strengthen our position as technology leader in machine vision. Furthermore, with our products HALCON and MERLIC, we strive to remain the number one provider of standard software for machine vision, including embedded vision.”

Given MVTec’s progress so far, you wouldn’t bet against it being a star of VISION for the next 20 years.

Gerhard Wagner – Head of Sales at MVTec Software GmbH
Gerhard Wagner started his career at MVTec in 2007 as European Sales Manager. His key task was to expand and to strengthen MVTec’s market position within Europe. Here, he managed to win established machine vision distributors as new sales partners for MVTec. He supervised the market entry and thereby implemented the extension of the business in Europe.

In the course of personnel expansions within the sales department, Mr. Wagner became Head of Sales and was put in charge of the external sales team.

Mr. Wagner has more than 30 years of sales and management experience in international companies in the technology market.

Before his occupation at MVTec Software GmbH, Gerhard Wagner was working as Head Sales Manager for an international supplier of embedded systems and was in charge of setting up and developing the sales team. There, he was also acting as Director of Business Development and was responsible for the deployment of global key accounts. Before that he filled sales positions at distributors as well as manufacturers of semi-conductors and components.

Mr. Wagner has got a higher qualification in electrical engineering and lives in the Greater Munich area.

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