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MVTec announces release date for HALCON 19.05

MVTec Software, the leading provider of modern machine vision software, will release the new version of its standard software, HALCON 19.05, on May 31, 2019.

The company told MVPro Magazine that this release will further improve machine vision processes with a number of new and revised features.

In particular, the expert team at MVTec said that it has enhanced the deep learning technologies available in HALCON. In version 19.05, the deep learning inference can also be executed on CPUs with the established Arm processor architecture. This allows customers to use the latest deep learning technologies on standard embedded devices. Deep-learning-based object detection has also been improved: The method, which locates and identifies objects by their surrounding rectangles (so-called bounding boxes) now precisely detects the orientation of the objects.

“With version 19.05, we are raising our proven HALCON standard machine vision software to a new level. Developers and users alike benefit from numerous new features. These not only include additional, well-thought-out deep learning functions, but also noticeably improved usability in embedded environments,” explained Johannes Hiltner, HALCON Product Manager at MVTec.

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