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MVTec and Hilscher buddy up

MVTec Software, a leading provider of modern machine vision software, and Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation, a market leader for PC cards for industrial communication, have begun a technical partnership “…to enable easier integration of machine vision and process automation.”

The companies explained that combining MVTec software products with Hilscher PC cards enables powerful machine vision applications to be integrated easily and seamlessly into any process control system. For example, MVTec’s machine vision software MERLIC can communicate universally with all commercial programmable logic controllers (PLCs). They added that the partnership benefits customers by perfectly bundling two leading and compatible technologies.

“The combination of MVTec and Hilscher products proves how easy it is to connect the two ‘worlds’ of machine vision and process automation,” said Christoph Zierl, Technical Director at MVTec. “We look forward to offering our customers this huge added value and expect to see many more machine vision solutions based on the innovative products from Hilscher and MVTec in the near future.”

“With our cifX PC card technology, we are happy to offer HALCON and MERLIC users an interface between their automation network and machine vision software,” added Tim Pauls, Product Manager at Hilscher. “The combination of MVTec and Hilscher technology provides users with a unique range of drivers, form factors, and network protocols, along with powerful machine vision software.”

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