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MVPRO Media Pack

MVPRI media pack

MVPro Magazine and Digital Platform- the only way to communicate

  • Our Format: Engaging and insightful, with a contemporary look and feel, distributed through dedicated online platform and glossy print magazine.
  • Our Method: Bespoke messages, consistently and timely distributed across all media, connecting challenges and solutions.
  • Our Content: The highest quality editorial and cutting edge content of core products and solutions, delivered through our established networks in academia and industry.
  • Our Reach: Truly Pan-European focus – bridging gaps in the market.
  • Our Partnerships: Media partner to new major academic and industry events.

Our Audiences

To deliver above and beyond our competitors as an interactive multi-media platform, we expand and reinvigorate, and engage and communicate intelligently with key audiences.

Using a more focused and informed approach, we have an experienced creative team, and existing academic and industry networks.

We facilitate and encourage communication between our key audience groups.


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