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MidOpt heads across the pond for fourth VISION

As MidOpt gets ready for it’s fourth VISION trade show, Editor Neil Martin talks to Georgy Das, Technical Training Manager, about what they intend to show at the fair in Stuttgart and also what they hope to take from it.

Midwest Optical Systems has 30 years of experience and innovation in the fields of optical design, fabrication and inspection. It is a worldwide leader in machine vision filters and optical solutions.

From its offices Palatine, Illinois, MidOpt offers the widest variety of machine vision filters, including in-stock filters, custom sizes, and mounting solutions. The company proudly states that product availability and low lead times make it the leading manufacturer of machine vision filters.

Georgy Das is a Technical Training Manager for the company and he’s a self-described “techie” and early adopter of new gadgets. He has a passion for educating those in the industry about optical filters and providing the simplest solutions to the most complex industrial vision applications on a global scale. His worldwide audiences have appreciated his straightforward presentations and easy-to-implement, cost-effective solutions for their toughest vision applications. It will be his third VISION show.

First things first, what is the company’s focus for VISION:
“Our focus for Vision is to continue increasing our visibility in the industry as the premier manufacturer and supplier of machine vision filters and custom optics.”

As for what they hope to get from being at VISION this year:
“A peek at the latest trends in machine vision, to be able to add to the conversation about how minimizing problems at the optics level in applications can ensure reliability and, as always, to enjoy meeting with our current and future customers.”

Georgy believes that ‘visitors should come to their booth for help with vision application problems. They can troubleshoot and provide an overview of our filter categories and the applications they’re best used for. They’ll also be showcasing new technologies that set them apart from their competition’.

They will also be educating on the key features of a quality machine vision filter and the MidOpt difference. For those customers who are interested, they can attend a valuable keynote presentation on how to choose the best optical filter for their application on Tuesday the 6th at 11:30am on Stage 2, Hall 1, Stand A75.

When it comes to the products, Georgy says “…we’ll be showcasing our entire line of machine vision filters along with our new SWIR filters intended for imaging in the IR and our new, economical line of NiR wire-grid polarizers that can help reduce specular glare in your applications hen using an infrared light source.”

I then ask what are the main applications for the company’s products:
“MidOpt machine vision filters are used to create contrast by passing the desired wavelength and blocking interfering ones. They help to ensure repeatability by controlling ambient lighting and create an efficient environment for LED and laser diode light sources. Our polarizers help to reduce special glare and our other custom optics and vision accessories help to solve tough imaging applications and protect expensive lenses and cameras from damage.”

And as for their impact on the market:
“We believe our machine vision filters will have a very positive impact on the industry. Our wide array of products help solve tough imaging applications, reduce costs and increase application repeatability.”

MidOpt filters are the premier solution for industrial imaging to ensure flawless control, dependable results and the very best image quality. Every filter is produced with the highest standards in durability, so they can withstand even the harshest environments. Unlike traditional filters, MidOpt filters are designed with a Gaussian transmission curve to allow maximum transmission, emulate the output of the most common LED wavelengths and are less angular dependent.

Some of the many industries MidOpt serves include:

  • Machine Vision/Factory Automation
  • Security and Surveillance
  • License Plate Recognition/ITS
  • Medical and Life Science
  • Agricultural Inspection
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Motion Analysis
  • Photography and Cinematography
  • So, for visitors looking to understand machine vision filters, a visit to the MidOpt booth has to be high on the agenda.

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