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Matrox: Revving up machine vision

Matrox Design Assistant X software boasts dedicated tools for error proofing and tracking applications in demanding industrial sectors. These newest tools include deep learning-based image classification, photometric stereo for highlighting surface imperfections, and third-party 3D sensor interfacing for building intuitive flowcharts instead of writing traditional program code.

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Kick-start development, now!

Matrox Professional Services provide personalized technical assistance to customers throughout the development process. This team of high-level engineers and vision professionals are available to assess project feasibility, optimize user applications, coordinate camera interfacing, and prototype solutions, ensuring customers save valuable development time.

Matrox Rapixo CXP

Matrox Rapixo CXP is a new generation of frame grabbers, supporting version 2.0 of the CoaXPress (CXP) digital interface standard for machine vision applications. The Rapixo CXP series supports data rates of either up to 6.25 Gbps (CXP-6) or up to 12.5 Gbps (CXP-12).

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High-speed OCR Inspection

When a leading manufacturer of cereal and snack products sought a solution for high-speed label inspection, EPIC Machine Vision Systems deployed a custom optical character recognition (OCR) vision system based on MIL software and the SureDotOCR® tool from Matrox® Imaging—to tremendous success.

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