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Matrox Imaging

As Canadian company Matrox Imaging enters its fourth decade in business, it’s looking forward to the challenges ahead, especially in the direction of machine learning.

Matrox Imaging, which was founded back in 1976, is an industry-leading developer of component-level solutions, and an established and trusted supplier to top-tier OEMs and integrators.

Its technology occupies a key role in automotive, electronics, flat panel display, semiconductor, and medical device manufacturing; packaging; medical imaging; logistics; surveillance; transportation; and pharmaceutical and food and beverage production.

The company is a global player in the imaging market, and has branches in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Germany, and the US. If you include its sales representatives, it has a presence in more than 25 countries worldwide.


Matrox Imaging offers developers a choice of software based on their preference for development environments.

For example, Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) is a complete software development toolkit (SDK) to design machine vision systems with unprecedented levels of performance and functionality. It’s ideal for those willing and able to invest in traditional programming. The most recent additions include:

• SureDotOCR™, a dedicated OCR tool for reading challenging dot-matrix text;

• 3D vision tools for alignment and cross-section analysis;

• Circle and ellipse shapefinding tools;

• Color relative calibration to ensure consistent color imaging;

• MIL CoPilot, an interactive prototype environment for experimenting, which generates functional code when the time comes.

Matrox Design Assistant is an integrated development environment (IDE) providing a flowchart-based design methodology. It’s great for those who need to move quickly between machine vision project  by not having to write traditional program code. And the most recent additions include:

• Project Change Validator, a client-server architecture for ensuring that changes made to a deployed project are not detrimental to the functioning of that project;

• SureDotOCR;

• Project templates, which serve as application frameworks to get started and allow for run-time tweaking of project steps.

Pair readily

These software products pair readily with Matrox Imaging hardware offerings, including the latest smart cameras, vision controllers, I/O cards, and frame grabbers, all designed to provide optimum price-performance within a common software environment.

As for the company’s future focus, the management team believes that machine learning is quite the story now. Matrox Imaging already makes use of it in their OCR tools, with the full intention to broaden its use and accessibility within its vision software. Matrox Imaging continues to expand other aspects of its vision software, notably in shape finding, ID mark reading, and 3D analysis.

Sam Lopez, Director of Sales and Marketing, said: “Matrox Imaging products remain cornerstones of machine vision installations, with applications ranging from image capture, processing, and compression to machine and robot guidance and visual inspection. We work closely with our OEMs and integrators to develop effective software tools needed to address their machine vision challenges. That, coupled with Matrox Vision Academy—our new online learning platform dedicated to MIL and Matrox Design Assistant software— makes me excited to take on new challenges as we enter our fourth decade in business.”

Matrox Imaging
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