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LUTZE introduces Cablefix® one cable entry kits


LUTZE Inc’s Cablefix® One kits – the newest addition to LUTZE’s Cablefix® family – simplify the need for configuration of cable entry systems.

This innovative cable management system features a multi-layered seal design allowing individual layers to be removed to vary the clamping range of the seals from 3.5mm to 29.5mm.

Cablefix® One is available in three pre-configured kits which include all components required to seal four, seven, or 10 entry points, depending on the version. These kits reduce the need for cumbersome seal configuration, make ordering easy, and reduce the number of part numbers on drawings, BOMs, and in inventory. Unused seals are closed by default, eliminating the need for blanking plugs.

Cablefix® One also provides excellent strain relief (per EN 62444) to secure cables against accidental pullout.

The system protects up to UL Type 4X, 12, 13 and IP65. Mounting the frame to the cabinet is made easy by using the provided cutout template or by using a standard 112×46 mm punch tool.

The four entry kit (p/n 606500) is available immediately and the seven (p/n 606501) and 10 (p/n 606502) entry kits will be available later in 2019.

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