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LMI Technologies Report from Automatica 2018

At the LMI Technologies booth at the 2018 Automatica Show in Munich, Germany. Christian Leitner, Territory Manager (EMEA) takes us through the demo stations at the event

The first stop on Christian’s tour of the LMI products at the event is the multiple sensor setup, where all sensors are automatically calibrated into one coordinated system.

Christian goes on to explain that in the past system integrators had to take a lot of time to manually program multiple sensors into one coordinated system. Now LMI Technologies have created a tool that runs on LMI software. You can make your own calibration bar and with a single click, multiple sensors will give you a full 3D scan. This is lowering the implementation time.

At the second demonstration station, the LMI team show one of their 3D smart snapshot sensors, the Gocator 3210. In this case the UR robot is talking to a UR Plugin inside the sensor. Watch it demonstrate the beam picking application. The advantage here is it can be used for inline inspection.

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