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JAI launches 4-CMOS prism based RGB + NIR line scan camera with 10 GigE interface

JAI has added a second 10 GigE prism line scan camera to its Sweep+ Series.

The Sweep+ SW-4000Q-10GE is equipped with four prism-mounted CMOS sensors and a 10 GigE interface that also supports backwards compatibility to 5 Gbps, 2.5 Gbps, and 1 Gbps Ethernet standards.

The 4-CMOS prism design simultaneously captures red, green, blue, and near infrared spectral wavebands for both high colour accuracy and multi-spectral analysis via the NIR channel.

The SW-4000Q-10GE camera offers a maximum resolution of 4096 pixels (4K) per channel/line, and in combination with the 10GBASE-T interface, the camera provides RGB + NIR output at up to 72 kHz (72,000 lines per second) over dual 10 GigE streams. The dual stream configuration supports 8-bit or 10-bit output per channel.

The camera also offers a single-stream option using the RGBa8 format where the NIR data is provided via the alpha channel. In this configuration, the camera can operate at up to 73 kHz with 8-bit-per-channel output. A third output option, capable of up to 74 kHz at full 4K resolution, includes 8-bit YUV colour data on one stream combined with 8-bit or 10-bit NIR data on a second stream.

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