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New series of camera models and software integrations

JAI (Copenhagen) has launched a series of new camera models and software integrations which provide advanced colour imaging capabilities to builders and users of microscopy-based imaging systems.

The series include six new models in JAI’s Apex Series of high performance 3-CMOS prism colour cameras, as well as full integration with two of the most popular microscopy software solutions – Image-Pro from Media Cybernetics and the µManager open source software package.

Three of the new JAI camera models are variations of the AP-3200T-USB, a 3.2-megapixel, 38.3 fps 3-CMOS prism colour camera. The other three models are variations on the AP-1600T-USB, a 1.6-megapixel 3-CMOS camera offering higher frame rates at lower resolution.

All models have USB3 Vision interfaces, whose combination of bandwidth and easy plug-and-play compatibility have made it a widely-used choice for microscopy systems.

The new camera variations include both standard JAI green housings, as well as special white housings for systems intended for hospitals, or clinical/laboratory environments where white housings are often preferred.

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