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Grabbing The Frame | Euresys

  • By Jason Stockwell

Almost written-off by the introduction of new technology, the venerable frame grabber is alive and well. Here we look at some of the major players.


The most successful products in 2018 for Euresys were the Coaxlink frame grabbers and the Open eVision libraries.

Euresys also launched some products as Easy3D, EasyDeepLearning and the Coaxlink Quad CXP-12, all of which the company demonstrated at VISION.

For Embedded Vision, with the acquisition of Sensor to Image, Euresys further increases its technological capabilities and development capabilities.

The company will continue in 2019 with the development of CXP-12 frame grabbers and also several major releases of Open eVision.

Easy3D library is a set of software tools enabling the development of 3D Machine Vision Inspection Applications. It is able to generate a depth map from a series of images that contain a laser line projected on the inspected object and computes a calibration model applied to depth maps to transform them into calibrated 3D point clouds. It provides functions to generate such ZMaps. The Easy3D Studio application provides an easy way to configure a complete 3D laser line inspection setup.

EasyDeepLearning library is a Convolutional Neural Network-based classification library which learns by example. It has been tailored, parametrized and optimized for analyzing images, particularly for machine vision applications. It learns how to distinguish defects or classify parts by being shown many images of the parts to be inspected. It includes functions for dataset creation, classifier training and image classification. Compatible with CPU and GPU processing it is able to detect defective products or sort products into various classes.

It supports data augmentation, works with as few as one hundred training images per class. EasyDeepLearning has a simple API and the user can benefit from the power of deep learning with only a few lines of code. It includes a free Studio application to ease the creation of deep learning applications.

The Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 is a 4-connection CXP-12 frame grabber

A major feature of this new product is the increase of the maximum connection bit rate to 12.5 Gbps. Currently, the maximum data rate over a single connection is 6.25 Gbps.

This innovation results in a maximum camera data transfer rate over 4 connections of 5 GByte/s allowing operation of a 10-bit 12-megapixel area-scan sensor at more than three hundred images per second, or an 8-bit 16k line-scan sensor at 300 thousand lines/s.

This new member of the Coaxlink series comes with a PCle Gen 3 x8 bus offering a peak delivery bandwidth of 7.8 GByte/s. The effective delivery bandwidth being of 6.7 GByte/s.

It is worth noting that a single Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 provides more bandwidth than four Camera Link Full frame grabbers, in a single slot!

The numerous applications of the new Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 include among others, AOI, 3D SPI, 3D inspection, printing inspection and in-vehicle video transfer.

Sensor to image is a major supplier of IP Cores for the FPGA vendors Intel /Altera, Lattice and Xilinx. They are very suitable for implementing camera and sensor interfaces in embedded systems.

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