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Grabbing The Frame | BAP Image Systems

  • By Jason Stockwell

Almost written-off by the introduction of new technology, the venerable frame grabber is alive and well. Here we look at some of the major players.

BAP Image Systems

BAP Image Systems (BAPis) is an imaging products and solution provider which offers a number of image processing boards and frame grabbers.

The company was founded in 2000 for the specialized business of high-speed colour and grayscale data capture and processing. Its hardware and software technology has been used in a variety of mechanical transporters and scanners. End user applications exist in medical, industrial, financial and government domains.

Typical application areas of devices manufactured by the company cover machine vision systems, embedded automation systems, book scanners for libraries and archives, high speed document scanners for banks, mass bookkeeping processing and government domains, automated voting/election systems and other.

  • DB5G_CXP4- Interface for IE5G_SS
  • DB5G_J2K4 – JPEG 2000 Compression Board for IE5G_SS
  • DB5G_CLF- Camera Link Daughterboard for Embedded Grabbers
  • IE5G_SS – Super Speed Image Processing Engine
  • IE64_HS – High Speed Image Engine
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